Embellish Knit Machine And What It Can Do For You

In this article, we will take a look at what an embellish knit machine can do for you and your knitting, as well as some great ideas on what you can do with the cords that you knit with this machine.

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Why Knitters Should Purchase the Embellish Knit Machine

Owning one of these nifty embellish knit machine kits can really help you to get originality flowing out of your work, and this is especially useful if you knit or others or knit for profit. At the bottom of this post, you will find a list of great ideas that you can make with the knitted cord.

Caron Embellish-Knit! Machine Kit

embellish knit machineThis is the popular Caron embellish knit machine kit is a great buy that I found on Amazon. If you want to find out more about it, simply click on the link above or on the picture.

  • Use this embellish knit machine to embellish your Knitting and crochet projects with fancy cords and closures.
  • The Caron Embellish Knit Kit includes the machine; weight clip, tapestry needles, practice ball of yarn, color instructions, and 5 project patterns.
  • This nifty little machine can knit 18 feet of cording in 10 minutes.

Here are some great ideas that you can use with the cord that you have knitted with your Embellish Knit Machine.

  1. Make shapes like hearts and flowers that you can sew onto your knitted items.
  2. Sew them in a spiral and make mats for your pots to stand on or coasters for your cups.
  3. Use as bookmarks. You can make some really creative ones to sell.
  4. Make tiebacks for your curtains. You can change the colors seasonally for a new fresh look.
  5. Make a spiral bath mat.
  6. Add jewelry pieces to make a bracelet or necklace.
  7. Weave the cords together to make a rug.
  8. Original shoelaces.
  9. Use metallic yarn and make a belt for your evening dress.
  10. Make a decorative knot and sew it onto your clothing.
  11. Sew some together and make a headband.
  12. Make a coiled rope basket.
  13. Knit with your cord to create a chunky scarf or beanie.
  14. With a bit of imagination, you can make cord people and animals. The kids love to do this.
  15. Use your cord to make a pretty border around the bottom of a jersey.
  16. Plait your cords together to make pretty ropes.
  17. A scarf made out of strands of cords is the latest fashion at the moment.
  18. Scarf for Barbie doll.
  19. Use as decorations on your Vogue Knitting.
  20. Make flowers to sew on knitted blankets or towels.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any other great ideas for using cord.

4 thoughts on “Embellish Knit Machine And What It Can Do For You”

    • The Embellish Knit Machine knits cords quickly and effortlessly. You then take the cord and make the shapes that you desire like hearts and flowers. For flowers simply use a different colored cord like green for a stem, a yellow circle in the middle and then maybe red to make the petals.

      It’s like drawing with wool that has been knitted into a cord.

      Hope this helps, and thanks for stopping by Sel.

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