How To Make Yarn Tassels – It’s Super Simple

make yarn tasselsIf you were ever wondering how to make yarn tassels, or in fact how to make tassels in general, then this article will be a great help to you.
Tassels are really easy and satisfying to make, and the advantage of making your own is that the colors that you choose can be specially selected to coordinate with what you need to use them for.
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Why Would I Need A Tassel?

There are many uses for tassels. Here are just some of them:
  • Hang it from a twisted or braided cord on curtains;
  • Use a tassel as a bookmark;
  • Put them on a graduation cap;
  • Let the children make woolen people using tassels;
  • Use to decorate your scrapbooking layouts;
  • Use as decor on your zipper on your handbag;
  • Use as decor on the corners of your tablecloth;
  • Make tassels for your knitted scarves;
  • Make a tassel or two to hang off your beanie;
  • Tassels look really pretty around an afghan or shawl.

It all depends on how bulky you want the finished tassel to be that decides what types of threads or yarn you will use to make the tassel. If you want to practice, it is better to make yarn tassels to start off with and it is easier to work with thicker yarn than cotton or floss.

For scrapbooking purposes, it is best to use embroidery cotton or floss otherwise the layout will be to bulky if you use wool. On home decor or clothing, you would use cord, wool, or string.

Here is a video that uses the tassel technique as a basis, but you can make a cute dog in much the same way. The kids will love this one.

How To Make Yarn Tassels

  1. First, cut a stiff piece of card with the long side of the rectangle as long as you want the finished tassel to be.
  2. Wind some yarn, floss, or embroidery cotton around the long side of the card.  You can try using different colors for different effects.  Wind the yarn or cotton around the card about twenty times.  If you want a fuller or thicker tassel you will need to wind some more.
  3. Slide a length of string under the wound loops and pull it up to the top edge of the tassel.  Tie it around the wound cotton firmly with a double knot, and then slide the loops off of the cardboard.make yarn tassels
  4. To make a neck for your tassel, start by taking a long piece of cotton and wrapping the neck of the tassel just a bit away from the first cotton tie. This will form a bubble or ball at the top of the tassel.
  5. Use a tapestry needle with the eye of the needle towards the skirt of the tassel. Wrap the long piece of cotton that was left after tying the neck to wrap around the tassel and the needle, ensuring that each wrap is tight.
  6. To secure the wrap, just thread the needle with the working end of the floss or cotton and then gently pull the needle underneath the wrap and out at the top.  Trim the end carefully as close to the wrap as possible.
  7. Next, you will need to cut through the loops of the tassel’s skirt and if necessary trim and neaten them off.  Unravel the skirt threads to make the skirt as full as possible.  Scroll down to see a video guide on how to make tassels.
  8. There is a video at the bottom of this post that explains how to make a yarn tassel. Enjoy!

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Video Guide

Now you know how to make yarn tassels. You may also enjoy trying other yarn embellishments. Click here for more ideas.

If you want to take your tassel making to the next level, this is the book that will help you do just that.

Decorative Tassels and How to Make Them

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