Knitting Accessories You Will Love

If you are an avid knitter, it definitely helps to have a kit of knitting accessories on hand, so that you always have everything that you need to tackle any project. Here is a selection of knitting accessories that you will find extremely useful, and having these will ensure you are equipped for any pattern you decide to try.

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Essential Knitting Accessories For The Modern Knitter

YARWO Knitting Needles Case (up to 10.6″), Crochet Hooks Organizer with Double Handle for Circular Knitting Needles and Knitting Accessories, Black (Bag Only)

This amazing carry-all bag keeps all your knitting needles and other knitting accessories in one place.

It is large with one deep pocket that you can store tons of knitting needles in, as well as crochet hooks.

There is even a place to store your circular knitting needles.

There are 2 see-through pouches or pockets in the middle that you can store things like tape measures, stitch markers, scissors, rulers, sewing kits, and more.

The bag is made from soft peach-skin fabric and is both durable and fashionable.

It has a double handle for easy carrying and makes a great gift for the knitter or crocheter in your life.

Size:  11 x 7.1 x 1.6 inches.

knitting accessories

Glocusent LED Neck Reading Light, Book Light for Reading in Bed, 3 Colors, 6 Brightness Levels, Bendable Arms, Rechargeable, Long Lasting, Perfect

for Reading, Knitting, Camping, Repairing

This light is perfect for knitters who like to work at night. There are 3 different color lights and they are brightness adjustable. You can choose from yellow, warm white, or cool light and each head has an independent switch so you can set your level of brightness.

It is rechargeable on a USB and it gives you up to 80 hours of light.

No more eye strain and the arms are adjustable so you can get the angles just right for you.

It is bright enough for you to see what you are doing in front of you, yet dim enough so you don’t disturb anybody around. you.

This light is an ideal gift for a knitter or even a late-night reader.

Clover Knit Mate Knitting Accessories Set

This is a useful set of knitting accessories and tools that you will love, especially if you are just starting out with your knitting journey.

The set includes stitch holders, tape measure, row counter, locking ring markers, a knitting needle gauge, and a jumbo needle to sew up your finished projects.

The only drawback here is that the pack is missing a pair of scissors.

KAIQUAN 6Pcs Stainless Steel Circular Knitting Needles Set 32 Inch Crochet Needles Yarn Knitting Weaving Needles DIY Sewing Accessories Durable (Color : 6Pcs)

If you are planning to try circular knitting, then these stainless steel knitting needles are just the thing for you. They also come in a variety of sizes and are a great addition to your knitting kit.

knitting accessories

Hoshin Knitting Bag for Yarn Storage, High Capacity Yarn Totes Organizer with Inner Divider Portable for Carrying Project, Knitting Needles(up to 14”), Crochet Hooks, Skeins of Yarn (Grey)

This is a great bag to keep all your knitting kit in as it is large with an inside compartment to put your unfinished project in and then 6 smaller compartments for your wool.

On top of the bag, there are 6 grommets where you can thread your yarn through, and velcro strips to keep the yarn in place when you are not working with it.

The front has a large zipper pocket with elastic loops to store your knitting or crocheting needles and accessories.

There are two side and back pouches to store your patterns and other tools.

The bag is made of strong denim on the outside with a PVC top, nylon, and cotton lining.

The handle and removable adjustable shoulder straps give you the option to carry the bag in your hand, over your arm, or over your shoulder. You can even wear it across your body.

This is a must-have bag for any knitting enthusiast.

14 Pairs Stainless Steel Knitting Needle Set, Colorful 14 Sizes from 2.0mm-10.0mm Straight Single Pointed Knitting Needles, 13.8 Inch Length Knitting Needles for Handmade DIY Knitting Sweater Gift

It’s always useful to have a set of knitting needles in all sizes. There are 14 pairs of single-pointed knitting needles in this set made of high-quality stainless steel.

They are all smooth, durable, and comfortable with a hollow design to make them lightweight.

B(2mm), C(2.5mm), D(3mm), E(3.5mm), G(4mm), 7(4.5mm), H(5mm), I(5.5mm),J(6mm), 6.5mm, 7mm, L(8mm),13(9mm) and 15(10mm) and length of 13.8 inch (35cm).

The sizes are printed clearly on each needle.

Lazadas Knitting Accessories Knitting Project Caddy Yarn Bowl Project Bag (Spring Teal)

Here is a useful gadget.

It’s a project bag and a yarn bowl in one.

Closed, your yarn and needles are protected, secure, and tidy, ready to be tucked away in a bag or conveniently looped over your wrist.

When open it becomes a sturdy bowl to prevent your yarn from knotting up or rolling away as you work.

This bowl is available in three jewel shades and takes your knitting experience to the next level.

KnitIQ Blocking Mats for Knitting – Extra Thick Blocking Boards with Grids with 100 T-pins and Storage Bag for Needlework or Crochet – Pack of 9

This is a very useful gadget to block your knitting projects.

They come in many different sizes and shapes and the interlocking boards are easy to join together and stay firmly in place.

There are grid lines for precise and accurate blocking.

The blocking mats are made from dense foam and you can push pins deep into the foam to keep your knitting from slipping and also keep it taut.

Included are the storage bag and pins with a smooth T-bar head for ease of use.

These blocking boards are also heat and steam-resistant, which means that you can steam or iron your blocked pieces.

FLAMEER 1pc Red Crochet Knitting Accessory Tool Row Counter Stitch Marker Counter

This is a nifty gadget to have, especially if you need to count your rows.

It saves you time finding a pen and paper to count your rows, and you can do it with the push of a button.

At present, this stitch counter only comes in red.

Hope you enjoy these accessories as much as I have.

I firmly believe that when you take on a hobby, be prepared, as there is nothing worse than discovering halfway through your project that you don’t have something and you need to stop and go shopping.

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