Diamond Art Kits You Will Love

Have you tried Diamond Art Yet? I am in the middle of my first diamond art picture. I bought a few diamond art kits online and am enjoying this more than I thought I would.

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So What Is Diamond Art?

diamond art kitsIn case you have never heard of Diamond Art, it is a hobby where you stick diamond jewels onto a pattern to look like a mosaic.

Sometimes it is called diamond art painting, although there is no paint involved.

This fun creative hobby is easy to do, frugal and great for both kids and adults. If you enjoy coloring pictures, you are going to love doing diamond art.

This is one of the diamond art kits that I bought and I started it at the beginning of December. I am almost halfway through now, as it is quite a big one. I was overly enthusiastic about my first project, but I just fell in love with this beautiful tree. Mind you I have only been working on it an hour or less a day when I get a chance.

Doing diamond art is relaxing and simple, and can also be compared to paint by number.

What’s In A Diamond Art Kit?

When I got my kit, it came with an application pen, a small tray, more than enough drills (diamonds) to complete my project, a canvas with the picture of your choice that is sticky in front with a plastic covering it, and wax for your application pen.

I see you can also purchase extras like application pens that hold four drills at once for quicker application, but I haven’t tried that yet.

How The Diamond Art Kit Works

After opening and unpacking your kit, find a nice flat table to work on. To start, you would first press the end of the pen into the wax. This enables the drills to stick to the pen when you pick them up to apply them to your canvas.

Start in either the top or bottom corner and lift the plastic just enough to expose the area that you are working on. Always keep your plastic in place to cover where you are not working to protect your adhesive.

Each block on the canvass has a number or letter that relates to a color drill. On the side of your canvas will see the numbers of the drills listed along with the number or letter that they relate to.

Pour some drills into your tray to start off with and wiggle the tray so that most of the drills lie with their flat side facing down. Now it is easy to pick the drills up one by one with the pen and stick them onto the related block on the canvass.

Here is a video that explains exactly how to do a diamond art kit in great detail.

Diamond Art Kits To Order Online

These are some of my favorite designs, and as you can see you can ‘paint’ just about anything you want to. There is a kit for every taste. If you want to find out more about the kit, simply click on the picture.


I think this could become quite addictive. Just a word of warning though. Don’t buy a Diamond Art Kit if you don’t have good eyes.

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