An Introduction To Brioche Knitting

I only first heard about Brioche Knitting about three weeks ago, and since have been scrambling for more information so that I could try this technique out for myself.

I found it quite a frustrating stitch to learn in the beginning, but now that I am getting into it, I think I am ready to try and make a beanie.

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What Is Brioche Knitting?

brioche knitting

Brioche knitting when you look at it for the first time looks like ribbing, but it is slightly more intricate than that and you can knit very attractive things using two colors that are totally reversible.

For Brioche knitting you would either use a circular knitting needle or a needle with two pointed ends like the ones below. Click on the pictures if you would like to find out more about the product or you would like to order online.

How To Do Brioche

For brioche knitting, you would need to do an Italian cast on which is different from a normal cast on. It leaves and neater edge and is more stretchy.

This video will show you how to cast on brioche-style.

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This next video will show you exactly how to do brioche knitting using two different colors. With Brioche knitting you always knit with two strands of yarn and you need to keep your wits about you as the first row you will knit with your primary color. You knit the first stitch and the last stitch on the needle for all the rows. On the first row, you knit one slip one and on the second row, you will take your knitting to the back of the double-sided needle and knit the row with the other yarn –  purl one and slip one. You have to concentrate on this type of knitting as sometimes you will knit one stitch and sometimes two together.

This video will explain the process exactly on how to knit with two colors to make an attractive pattern.

If you are a beginner you might want to practice with one yarn as seen in this video.

Brioche Patterns

Here are some great Brioche Pattern books that I found online for you to try. If you want to find out more about the product, simply click on the picture.

You can knit the most beautiful garments using brioche as your base.

World-renowned brioche knitting expert Nancy Marchant takes this versatile European stitch—which creates a luxurious, reversible ribbed fabric—to a new level in her groundbreaking collection.

She explains everything from how to hold the yarn and cast on (offering multiple options) to creating the basic fabric and reading two-color charts. The stitch library presents 75 all-new patterns, and there are an additional 12 in the luscious shawl and scarf projects section.

Knitting Brioche is the first and only knitting book devoted exclusively to brioche stitch, a knitting technique that creates a double-sided fabric. This complete guide will take you from your first brioche stitches to your first (or hundredth) project, and even to designing with brioche stitch if you desire. Whether you’re new to brioche knitting or experienced at “brioching,” author Nancy Marchant provides the information and inspiration you need.

An Introduction To Brioche Knitting

Knitting brioche lace is definitely a challenge I would love to try out once I have the basics.

World-renowned brioche knitting expert, Nancy Marchant, takes this stitch to another level by introducing you to the excitement of creating two-color brioche lace through charts and clear explanations, a stitch dictionary of brioche lace stitches, and exquisite scarf and cowl projects.

This is the perfect book for the experienced brioche knitter who is looking for new techniques that yield spectacular lacy results!

You can visit Nancy Marchant’s website at

Please feel free to comment below if you have tried this technique and what you have made with it.

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