Basket Weave Crochet Stitch Instructions

In this post I am going to look at basket weave crochet stitch and also follow with a video with basket weave crochet stitch instructions.

This crochet technique is more advanced so I recommend you master your basic crochet technique and stitches like the double and treble stitches going first before you attempt this one.

Basket Weave Crochet Stitch Instructions for a Basic Squarebasket weave crochet stitch instructions

These are instructions for a 12 x 12 square aproximately, depending on the thickness of your wool.

If you want to make it a bigger square, you need to work on a multiple of 14 plus 4. In this pattern I am working a 7 x 7 basket weave, but in the video below they show it with a 4 x 4 basket weave. The technique however stays the same.

Special Abbreviations:

yoh = yarn over hook.

trF = tr at front worked thus: insert the hook from the front to back and round next tr.yoh and draw a lp through, complete st in the usual way.

trB = tr at back worked thus: insert hook from back to front and round next tr.yoh and draw a lp through. Complete st in the usual way.


Using 6.5mm hook and Antique, make 18 ch.

Foundation Row: 1 treble st into 4th ch from hook. The first 3 chain count as the first treble. 1 tr into each chain to end. You should have 16 treble including the first 3 chain at the beginning of the row. Turn

Row 1: 2 ch (counts as first tr – see note at the bottom). trF round each of next 7 tr (this is a treble in front). Yarn over hook and insert hood from front to back between 1st and 2nd treble, round the 2nd treble and to the front between the 2nd and 3rd treble.

Take the yarn over the hood and draw a loop through. You will not have 3 loops on the hood. Yarn over hook and draw through first 2 loops. Yarn over hood and draw through the remaining 2 loops – treble completed. Work trF round each of the next 6 treble.

The next treble is worked from the back – abbreviated as trB. Take yarn over hook and insert hook from back to front between 8th and 9th treble, round the 9th treple and to the back between 9t and 10th treble.

Take yarn over the hook and draw a loop through – 3 loops on the hook. Complete treble as before. Work trB round each of next 6 treble. Repeat these 14 stitches to the end: finish trB round the 2 chain. Turn the work.

Rows 2 to 4: Rep row 1 three times.

Row 5: work 2 chain. trB round each of next 7 tr and trF round each of next 7 tr. trF round 2 ch. The pattern has been reversed. Turn.

Rows 6 to 9: Rep row 5 four times.

To work multiple row repeats you will work 10 rows. So Rows 6 to 9 will be repeated 5 times.

Fasten off.

Note: For basket weave stitch, the trebles sit lower than normal as they are worked around the stitches. To create a stitch of the same height, just 2 chain are worked.

Here is a video where they have worked a 4 x 4 basket stitch which just goes to show how versitile this pattern is. The pattern above works in a 7 x 7 basket weave crochet pattern.

They talk about double and not treble stitch here, but this is what I have learnt as trebles so don’t get too confused there. The stitch names change in different parts of the world.

Please do not hesitate to ask any questions in the comments below.

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  1. Hello Michel! Knitting is a beautiful hobby and it can surely be turned into a fruitful job, especially if there is an innate talent for this.

    I remember that my grandmother was pretty good at crocheting, she made several clothing pieces for me too… If she had been younger and still alive now (and also connected with the modern technology), she would have been glad to find out about your articles (this one is a true course for people who want to learn), and if she had known English she would also have enjoyed sharing experience!

    Keep it on and good luck!


    • Thanks for stopping by Peter. Knitting and crocheting is sometimes thought of as a dying art, but then suddenly every few years, it revives itself again.

  2. Hi, Michel,

    Your article on basketweave crochet stitch instructions was very informative. I loved the nice picture and the video was excellent and very easy to follow along with.  I would have loved to see a finished project picture using this stitch. I believe it would add to your article and also give me an idea of how bulky the finished piece would be. I’ve never used this stitch before, but it looks easy to do, so I might try it.

    My mom taught me how to crochet many years ago, and it’s a skill I’m still using. I love doing it very much.

    Can you please tell me why you added a crochet pattern into a knitting blog though? I thought they were completely different topics and skills. Am I wrong?

    • it is not too much bulkier than normal treble stitch. Unfortunately, I have only made a square so haven’t attempted a larger piece in this stitch yet.

  3. Hey Michel,
    Great site, My sister would be drooling as she knits me a scarf every year with different stitch styles in them which I knew nothing about.

    In reading through this article I could actually see some of the patterns she uses in them like the basket weave used in Crochet. So what is the difference in crochet versus knitting? Just curious?

    • Jason knitting and crochet are like coffee and tea. Knitting is done with two needles and crochet only one. sometimes the finished results look almost the same, but crochet is definitely quicker to do by hand than knitting is.

      I do both but prefer knitting as being a bit of a beginner still wit the crochet, and crochet makes my fingers ache, whereas I can knit forever without feeling any pain.

  4. Hello Michel,

    I actually enjoyed reading through your site as my sister is a crazy knitter and crochet person! Every year she makes a new scarf for me and it was cool to actually read this article and see what she incorporates for styles like the one you outline for crochet for basketweave stitch.

    I think it is so cool that someone could have this talent and be able to make money from it! 

    I do not have any experience with this topic other than what my sister has shown me so I cannot really leave much helpful feedback on the topic but I did enjoy the site and the layout is really nice and professional looking.

    I am curious if you have actually been able to monetize this?

    • Funnily enough, I do get a lot of sales and advertising revenue through this site, and that is a real bonus as I enjoy growing this site so much it is more like play rather than work.

  5. Crochet is an incredible skill that I have yet to learn. I was always fascinated by watching my grandmother do it and amazed at the kind of results she was able to get. I remember it being almost therapeutic to watch and seeing the video brought me back to my childhood. I found the video incredibly helpful as I am a much more visual person, so thank you so much for posting that along with your article! Great job!


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