Bramble Stitch Knitting And How To Do It

I recently came across bramble stitch knitting for the first time ever and was battling to follow the pattern. I ended up having to Google how to do it and this is the video that showed me exactly what to do.

Because the knitting comes out looking like diamond-shaped clusters, the stitch is also called by other names including cluster stitch, raspberry stitch or blackberry stitch.

The right side is richly textured with raised diagonally staggered clusters while the wrong side of the knitting has a flat but interesting texture.

It has a great history in Aran knits where it is rich in symbolism. The stitch is used in combination with other stitches and cables to produce beautiful sweaters and afghans.

The Bramble stitch adds great texture to knitted projects. The texture ensures that the fabric doesn’t curl making it a great choice for edgings and borders.

It was actually so quick and easy to do that I ended up making this square for practice.

bramble stitch knitting

This is the pattern that I used to practice my bramble stitch knitting.

Using thick wool and 5mm needles cast on 22 sts. You can use this stitch in multiples of 4 plus two stitches.

Row 1: (rs) p to end.

Row 2: k1. *work k1, p1 and k1 all into next st. p3 tog. rep from * to last st. k1. (On the k1, p1, k1 you are actually increasing by three stitches without pushing the stitch off of the needle.

Row 3: p to end.

Row 4: k1. *p3tog, work k1, p1, and k1 all into next st. rep from * to last st. k1.

These four rows form the above bramble stitch knitting pattern.

Tip: As you are decreasing and increasing stitches on rows 2 and rows 4, make sure to count your stitches to ensure you have the correct number at the end of those rows.

I think my next project must be a bramble stitch rug for the bedroom.

What Is Bramble Stitch Used For?

I think using this stitch would make a lovely warm blanket, but the texture of the square that I knitted wasn’t soft like you would want a blanket to feel. Maybe if I used a bigger needle the quality would be softer.

Bramble stitch will be great to make the following:

  • Towels
  • Washcloths
  • Bathroom mats
  • gloves or arm warmers
  • rugs or throws

Bramble stitch knitting can be used on its own or mixed with cable or lacing to get all sorts of intricate designs.

bramble stitch


Click here to see how to do more basic knitting stitches.

5 thoughts on “Bramble Stitch Knitting And How To Do It”

  1. I have knitted for years and the bramble stitch looks like fun.  Your site is fun and informative.  I think more videos like this need to get out on the web.  How long have you been knitting?  I liked the  tile coasters.  I have had trouble in the past with making these and your instructions are helpful.  I also like the drop down menus, interactive and creative site.  Best, Krista

    • Thank you Krista and to answer your question I have been knitting since I was five years old. Knitting is my de stress and my relaxation at the end of a long day. 

  2. Excellent post you have up here, my wife has been stitching since she was younger and she decided to make a living out of it so I always look for new updates to help her out with this and this bramble stitch knitting seems great too. I will suggest this post to her and hopefully she can replicate the beautiful outlook of the pictures accompanied in the post. Thanks

    • Bramble stitch is much easier than it looks, especially if you compare it to other complicated knitting patterns. 

      All the best.

  3. My mother used to do a lot of knitting.  I don’t remember if she ever did the bramble stitch.  It is a cool looking pattern to look at I must say.  I am saying that as someone who has never explored knitting much.  For people who are interested in the craft, they should know that those who appreciate those that do knit, the bramble stitched is also liked.  If it is as simple to do as the video stated then go for it and use it to make lovely items.  They will be awesome looking.


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