neck warmer knitting pattern

Neck Warmer Knitting Pattern – So Quick And Easy

Here is a practical and pretty neck warmer knitting pattern for you to try. It is quick and easy and it will make a valuable addition to your winter wardrobe.

I managed to knit this one in anneck warmer knitting pattern afternoon.

I have knitted a few in different coloursneck warmer knitting pattern and they are great to wear as they don’t hang in the way as scarves do. I suggest you have one in plain white and another in plain black, then you will have one you can wear with anything.

There are many variations of this neck warmer knitting pattern online, but this is by far the simplest and quickest one.

I knitted the one on the left with a 7.5mm knitting needle and Funky Stripes Chunky Yarn. So feel free to experiment with your wool and your patterns – have some fun.

Neck Warmer Knitting Pattern

You will need:

Cozy Wool Yarn, Blue, 4.5 oz in Sapphire by Loops & Threadsneck warmer knitting pattern

You can purchase this online too by clicking the link or the picture to the left. You will only need on Skein.

This is easy to work with yarn as it is thick and chunky and it is made in a soft wool blend.

5mm or size 8 US knitting needles like the ones below.

Boye 8/5mm Single Point Aluminum Knitting Needles, 14″neck warmer knitting pattern

If you prefer a looser knit, then use slightly bigger needles.

How To Make the Neck Warmer

Cast On 24 sts.

If you would like a wider one you can cast on 28 or even 32 stitches.

Pattern Row:  K2, P2 and continue in this way until the end of the row.

Continue to work in this pattern row until the neck warmer is the desired length. For me, it was 70cm long.

Bind off.

Sew it closed by sewing the one end to the side of the other end. Make sure right sides are facing and the scarf isn’t twisted.

Voila, you have a beautiful cosy neck warmer.

Be adventurous and try different yarns. this pattern works well with just about anything, but I prefer the chunkier yarn types, as it makes a neck warmer that is cosier for winter.

This is another fancier variation of the above that I tried using Ripple Chunky Wool. All I did was knit the scarf longer and then overlap the ends.

neck warmer

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