Knitting Lace Patterns The Easy Way

A lot of people are daunted and scared of knitting lace patterns, and although you can get some really complicated patterns lacey patterns, you can start off with an easy one. I have included two in this post.

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If you are looking at trying your hand at knitting lace patterns, it isn’t as hard as it looks. All you need to know how to do is increase, decrease, slip stitches and pass the yarn over to the front of your needles.

Knitting lace patterns is simply a matter of slipping stitches, knitting stitches together, and passing the yarn over so that it makes holes in your knitting in strategic places in order to make a pattern of your choice.

This post does contain affiliate links.

knitting lace patterns

Knitting Lace Patterns

Here is a great little knitted lace pattern if you want to test the waters first and practice knitting lace patterns first.

This is just the pattern for a small square with the lace pattern as seen on the picture above, but you can use it within any pattern of your choice.

I knitted the above sample with 5.5mm knitting needles and chunky yarn, but you can make it look more delicate by knitting with thinner yarn and thinner needles.

To Make:

Cast on 30 sts. You can double or triple the sts according to what pattern you are using.

Row 1: (rs) *k4, K2 tog, yfd, rep from * to the last 6 its. k6.

Row 2: (ws) p to end.

Row 3: k6, *yfd, sl1, k1, peso, k4, rep from * to end.

Row 4: p to end.

The above four rows make up an attractive knitted lace pattern. Try it and see for yourself.

Extra Notes:

Making eyelets is what knitting lace patterns is all about.

When you knit two stitches together, you pass the yarn to the front of the needles and carry on knitting and you will see that it will create an extra stitch on the needle, so that you don’t end up decreasing stitches when you knit your two together.  This process makes a hole in your knitted work which forms the eyelet.

When knitting lace patterns, they will all involve passing yarn over, slipping stitches and knitting two stitches together, forming a pretty pattern of eyelets according to the pattern you are working with.

The pattern above makes the eyelets run down the length of the knitting in rows and works very well when making cardigans and even scarves.

How To Knit A Basic Pattern For A Simple Eyelet Stitch

The pattern below is even simpler than the one above and it makes knitting with holes in it.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: Purl

Row 3: K2, *yo, k2tog, k1, repeat from * to end of row

Row 4: Purl

The pattern above will give you lots of holes or eyelets in your knitting that are close together and also makes a very pretty pattern.

The Very Easy Guide to Lace Knitting: Step-by-Step Techniques, Easy-to-Follow Stitch Patterns, and Projects to Get You Started

If you wanted to get started with knitting lace patterns, here is an excellent book that will help you to turn from a complete beginner into an accomplished expert.

With step-by-step instructions and a preliminary section explaining all the essentials―yarn, needles, gauge, techniques, and how to read knitting charts―this guide could not be more accessible. All swatches are clearly photographed and each stitch pattern appears in both written and chart form, so even novices can start right away.

Hone your skills with stylish projects, including delicately trimmed linen, silk pillow covers, elegant stoles, and heirloom baby blankets. And with each stitch pattern illustrated in both fine and thicker yarns, you can create a truly individual garment for yourself or as a gift for someone else.

So whether you covet a vintage look or desire a more contemporary feel, The Very Easy Guide to Lace Knitting will give you the skills―and the inspiration.

Simply click on the link above or on the picture of the book to find out more.

The photo on the right is a super simple pattern of another form of knitting lace patterns.knitting lace patterns

It is basically making eyelets in your knitting, which creates a very pretty overall pattern for a cardigan or baby jersey.

This is the pattern for this using 32 stitches.

Cast on 32 sts. (or work out pattern to suit how many stitches you have on your needle)

Row 1 (rs): k to end

Row 2: p to end

Row 3: k to end

Row 4: p to end

Row 5: k5, yfd, k2tog, *k6, yfd, k2tog, * rep from * to * until last 5 sts, k to end

Row 6: p to end

Row 7: k to end

Row 8: p to end

Row 9: k to end

Row 10: p to end

Row 11: k9, yfd, k2tog, *k6, yfd, k2tog,* rep from * to * until there are 9 sts left then k to end of row

Row 12: p to end

Try these out and soon you will be knitting lace patterns like a pro!

Did you know that you can also knit lace patterns with ease on a knitting machine?

Here is a video that will show you how to knit flaming hearts lace stitch.

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