Family Scrapbooking Ideas For Some Together Time

family scrapbooking ideas

If you are looking for something cool to do together as a family that doesn’t cost the earth, then read on for some family scrapbooking ideas. Let’s get the family together for some quality time! Family Scrapbooking Ideas Why not get your family together around the dining room table and create a family scrapbook? Can … Read more

Calligraphy Writing – It’s Easier Than You Think

calligraphy writing

Today, I am going to talk about calligraphy writing. If you are an avid scrapbooker, you will love what this form of writing will offer you for your layouts. Calligraphy writing is the art of beautiful handwriting.  When learning how to do calligraphy, patience, and attention to detail is actually more important than artistic talent. The History … Read more

Give Yourself Permission To Be Happy And Creative

permission to be happy

Permission To Be Happy And Creative – Granted! You need to give yourself permission to be happy and live your life to the fullest. What does it mean to have permission to do something? My dictionary tells me that other words related to permission are: consent, sanctioning and authorization. Consent signifies agreement, validation that what … Read more

Beginner Embroidery Stitches For You To Try

One of my favorite beginner embroidery stitches is cross stitch. I remember starting with this stitch, and although I haven’t had the time to do embroidery for a few years, I occasionally do a small cross stitch card or picture to give someone as a present, as it is quick and easy. Embroidery is something … Read more

Alcohol Inking and Alcohol Ink Tutorials

alcohol ink tutorials

Alcohol Ink Tutorials Below you will find some alcohol ink tutorials which are really useful. Although alcohol inking can be a bit messy, the proffessional looking results you can get make the process both rewarding and worthwhile. What is Alcohol Inking? Alcohol inking is a great technique, as it gives your glossy cardstock that polished … Read more

Chipboard Embellishments And Ideas For Decorating Them

chipboard embellishments

If you have some chipboard embellishments lying about in your scrapbooking kit, here is a great way to decorate them. Let’s presume that the chipboard embellishment is a flower, similar to the ones on the left. First, you need to decide on your colour scheme.  Paint the edges of the flower with the colour craft … Read more


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